Recommendations for post-morning pills

Whether it is the first-generation or second-generation morning-after pill, both use additional hormone supplementation to interfere with hormonal fluctuations in the body and affect women's ovulation cycles. This kind of High doses of external hormones not only burden female physiology, but also seriously disrupt menstrual periods. This is also a common situation.

Therefore, conditioning experts recommend using Ai Xiaoyue’s 15-day basic conditioning regimen, and starting from the first menstrual period after taking the morning-after pill, Ai Xiaoyue’s three-stage conditioning regimen of first excreting and then replenishing, to improve physiological functions. Gradually gentle conditioning and nourishment .

In addition, since hormonal drugs may affect the secretions and healthy balance of the private parts, it is suitable to combine them with cranberry probiotics. Maintain a balanced flora in private areas to avoid the overgrowth of bad bacteria and causing unnecessary trouble .

The following are the most suitable solutions for those taking morning-after pills: