Recommendations for post-surgery abortion

Recommendations for post-surgical abortion care:

Vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage, and induction of labor in artificial (surgical) abortion are all invasive surgeries. The harm to the body is higher than that of natural miscarriage .

This type of miscarriage is similar to a large childbirth. The nursing method of postpartum confinement is the same as that of a large childbirth. The difference is that there is no breastfeeding and childcare, so The focus will be on the maintenance and strengthening of the mother's own health .

Nursing experts suggest that if finances and time permit, although it is not necessary to live in a confinement center, you should still Complete 30 days of comprehensive conditioning, and supplement sufficient branched-chain amino acids during the conditioning period (small molecule protein), helps in tissue repair.

The following are the most suitable options for patients with artificial (surgical) miscarriage: