The beginning

38 years ago, a group of Chinese medicine practitioners and medicinal material dealers gathered together to discuss the demand for high-quality Chinese medicine. Then they came up with the idea and established Tianyi Pharmaceutical Factory. At first, they only provided their own scientific Chinese medicine for use. With the market demand, the business expanded to other places in need. Physician. In the third year after the establishment of the pharmaceutical factory, it became the first traditional Chinese medicine factory in Taiwan to obtain GMP certification from the Department of Health, which caused a sensation.

With the advancement of time and space, veteran companies are actively transforming. Ms. Chen Huijuan, the daughter of the old chairman, continues the entrepreneurial spirit and takes over the management of the pharmaceutical factory. She once led the first confinement center in Taiwan, said goodbye to her stable job in Canada, and started Think about the possibilities of traditional enterprises.

Innovation incubation

The brand concept of "Tianbencao" was brewing and taking shape. In the process of brand development, we also realized that modern society does not understand the health culture of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to inherit the classical herbal culture and the concept of health prevention of Huangdi Neijing, the management team came up with the idea of ​​"Chinese medicine". With the idea of ​​"life-oriented", in addition to establishing a "Chinese Medicine Life-oriented Park" in Tianyi Pharmaceutical Factory, it also extends its health food and food products through the Tianyi Herbal brand.

Back to Basics

However, in order to attract the attention of consumers, health food manufacturers on the market have begun to add a variety of artificial compounds and nutrients to food. These unknown additives made Ms. Chen Huijuan extremely worried about the health of modern people, who upholds the principle of "medicine and food come from the same source". Women's health care products in particular are so exciting and the ingredients are used in every possible way, so she decided to use them in The health-preserving philosophy learned from growing up in a family of traditional Chinese medicine has been simplified and refined, and a set of "elimination, replenishment, and respiration" conditioning methods that return to nature has been summarized. Based on the Huangdi Neijing, natural Chinese medicine health foods are developed that meet the needs of modern people and serve women. The concept of health care is simplified into three units. Each unit only requires mastering simple diet and living habits. With long-term circulation practice, not only can you stay away from gynecological diseases, but you can also get the effect of beauty care.

In order to help more women implement Tianyi Ai's original three-stage "elimination, replenishment and breath" conditioning method, it adopts classic ancient formulas, extracts the essence of Chinese medicinal materials, adheres to professional testing and modern technological production processes, thus Tianyi Ai was born. Let more people be able to follow the natural trend and take care of themselves naturally through the simple "elimination, replenishment, and breath" conditioning methods. This is the commitment and belief of the Tianyi Ai team to be passed down from generation to generation.

Materia Medica concept

Originating from nature. Tianyi Ai inherits the concept of Tianbencao and is committed to operating the health industry.

【Uphold the heart of parents】

Production is carried out from the perspective of "parents caring about their children". From raw materials to products, natural Chinese medicine ingredients are adhered to, and the most professional scientific and technological extraction technology is used to implement rigorous manufacturing processes.

【Traditional Chinese medicine in daily life】

Establish a social platform to spread the concept of health-preserving and preventive medicine in the Huangdi Neijing, and develop a series of products with solar terms and conditioning as the core, allowing consumers to conveniently obtain healthy food and drinks.

【You, me and him share the same good】

With the altruistic spirit as the central idea, we promote group cooperation among enterprises to make consumers healthy from the product side, and implement corporate social responsibilities, participate in local and rural cooperation with friendly small farmers, care for the disadvantaged, and provide free medical services.

[Good consumer quality]

Based on the spirit of parenthood, life-oriented and mutual good, we implement the quality policy of " considerate service", " product attentiveness" and " customer peace of mind". And the products are protected by 36 million yuan product liability insurance.