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天一愛 Tianyiai

[Comprehensive conditioning set] Soothing Essence EX + Beauty Essence EX (2 months)

[Comprehensive conditioning set] Soothing Essence EX + Beauty Essence EX (2 months)

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【Menstrual Complete Set】Soothing Essence EX+Nourish Essence EX (2-months set)

・Mid-menstrual + pre-menstrual and post-menstrual, contains 1 box each of Soothing Essence and Beauty Essence ・10 boxes in one box, 20 boxes in total, can be used for one month ・The original Aiyueyue purification + Qi nourishing classic formula has been upgraded ⬆Feeling twice as good ・Comprehensive conditioning during menstruation, following the ancient conditioning formula of "Exhaust, Replenish and Breath" ・Suitable for women who often take menstrual leave, are not on time every month, have a ticking, dull complexion, have PMS, and have a dull complexion・The ingredients are certified by SGS and recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners and obstetricians and gynecologists. ・Easy to carry, tear and drink, you can purify, replenish and nourish the skin at any time. Contains Silomet ingredient, which repairs quickly and leaves you rosy and translucent. Concentrated herbal essence makes it easy to absorb and smooth in the mouth.

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