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天一愛 Tianyiai

【Medicinal Conditioning】Shu Si Essence EX (6 months)

【Medicinal Conditioning】Shu Si Essence EX (6 months)

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・A box contains 10 sachets, it is recommended to use 2 sachets a day, after meals. ・The original Aiyueyue purification classic formula has been upgraded to make the feeling twice as good. ・The recommended dosage of this product for one month is 1 box, which is used for 5 days during menstruation. Basic conditioning, following the ancient conditioning formula of "Expelling, Replenishing and Breathing" ・Suitable for women who often take menstrual leave, are not on time every month, and have constant drips ・Ingredients certified by SGS, recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners and obstetricians and gynecologists ・Easy to carry , tear it open and drink immediately, feel comfortable and clean at any time ・Added patented chlorogenic acid ingredient, a good helper for regulating metabolism ・Concentrated herbal essence, sweet and sour, smooth in the mouth, super smooth and easy to absorb

*Originally [Love Moon] purifying essence, the classic has been upgraded⬆
✅Low calories and no burden
✅Used regularly
✅Newly added Shusi formula chlorogenic acid

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