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【Nongchun Township】Bird's Nest and Sea Bass Essence

【Nongchun Township】Bird's Nest and Sea Bass Essence

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Essence of Perch Fish

▲Bird's Nest Sea Bass Essence, carefully selected naturally farmed seven-star sea bass, 6 packs in a box

▲Added bird's nest extract and rice germ extract to moisturize, nourish and beautify the skin.

Nongchun Xiang Sea Bass Essence contains hypoprin (7.4mg/100ml) taurine (92.2mg/100ml) amino acids (3059mg/100ml) protein (8.6g/100ml) and zero fat (0g/100ml). Nongchun Xiang Seabass Essence is a pack of bird's nest seabass essence and the nutrition of a whole seabass. Naturally farmed seven-star seabass is carefully selected and stewed using slow-fire ancient methods. It is the first to add bird's nest + rice germ extract, supplemented by Yang Cong to naturally enhance the flavor. It's sweet and delicious, and the aftertaste warms from your mouth to your heart, leaving you wanting more.Nongchunxiang Sea Bass Essence uses Japan’s patented extraction technology and unique bird’s nest GABA compound to moisturize, nourish and beautify the skin. Extract top-quality bird's nests to bloom with beautiful brilliance. 1. The precious bird's nest acid ingredient is only found in breast milk and provides the protein and amino acid nutrients the baby needs. 2. Extracted using Japan’s patented technology, small molecules are absorbed quickly, making the skin more effective. 3. Extract high-function EGF activating factors to help regulate physiological functions and promote metabolism. 4. GABA good sleep factor, giving you deep beauty sleep. 5. Natural and precious rice germ extracts high concentration of GABA sleep factor, which is a food friendly to silver hair. 6. GABA Good Sleep Factor is a natural amino acid essential for the human body. It can conduct relaxation energy and make you sleep more energetically.In just five minutes, one pack of Nongchunxiang Sea Bass Essence a day can quickly replenish your vitality. How to heat seabass essence 1. Soak in water, put the whole package into hot boiling water and soak for about 15 minutes. 2. Heating in water: Put the whole package into water and heat for about 15 minutes. 3. Heat the electric pot, put the whole package into a porcelain bowl and add half a bowl of water in the electric pot.

[Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Bass Spirits]

    Q1. When should I eat seabass essence?

      • It is recommended to drink seabass essence on an empty stomach in the morning. The absorption effect is best at this time, and you will be full of energy in the morning.

      Q2. What are the main functions of seabass essence?

        • Essence drops mainly supplement protein, help tissue repair and physical recovery, and are best used in conjunction with Tianyi Ai conditioning products.

        Q3. How to preserve bass essence?

          • This Nongchunxiang dripping essence can be stored at room temperature.

          Q4. Is dripping essence suitable for any body type?

          • Essence is a small molecule protein, which is a holy product that can be eaten to nourish health all year round. It is very suitable for children, students, office workers, the elderly, mothers before and after childbirth, or those who need nutrition after illness or have no appetite! However, patients with kidney disease or those with special diseases or taking special medications are advised to consult their doctor before consuming it.

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