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天一愛 Tianyiai

[Love within the month] Confinement conditioning/postpartum care (1 month) & bird's nest and sea bass essence (4 boxes)

[Love within the month] Confinement conditioning/postpartum care (1 month) & bird's nest and sea bass essence (4 boxes)

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・The recommended dosage for one month in Love Month is one box, 60 packs per box

・Suitable for confinement care and postpartum care, three-stage postpartum care ・Following the ancient methods of traditional Chinese medicine, the original conditioning formula of "Exhaustion, Replenishment and Breathing" ・Made by Tianyi Pharmaceutical Factory, a 38-year-old brand ・Concentrated herbal essence, sweet and sour, smooth taste, Efficient and easy to absorb. The ingredients are certified by the state and approved by Chinese medicine practitioners and obstetricians and gynecologists. ▲Bird's nest and seabass extract, carefully selected from naturally farmed seven-star seabass, 6 packs per box. ▲Added bird's nest extract and rice germ extract, moisturizing, nourishing and beautifying.

src="" alt="Nongchunxiang Sea Bass Essence contains diprine (7.4mg/100ml) taurine (92.2mg/ 100ml) Amino acids (3059mg/100ml) Protein (8.6g/100ml) Zero fat (0g/100ml). Nongchun Xiang Seabass Essence is a pack of bird's nest seabass essence and the nutrition of a whole seabass. It carefully selects naturally farmed seven-star seabass. It is simmered using slow-fire ancient methods, and is the first to add bird's nest + rice germ extract, supplemented by Yang Cong's natural flavor. It is fresh, sweet and delicious, and the aftertaste warms from the mouth to the heart, leaving people wanting more."> Nongchunxiang Sea Bass Essence uses Japan’s patented extraction technology and unique bird’s nest GABA compound to moisturize, nourish and beautify the skin. Extract top-quality bird's nests to bloom with beautiful brilliance. 1. The precious bird's nest acid ingredient is only found in breast milk and provides the protein and amino acid nutrients the baby needs. 2. Extracted using Japan’s patented technology, small molecules are absorbed quickly, making the skin more effective. 3. Extract high-function EGF activating factors to help regulate physiological functions and promote metabolism. 4. GABA good sleep factor, giving you deep beauty sleep. 5. Natural and precious rice germ extracts high concentration of GABA sleep factor, which is a food friendly to silver hair. 6. GABA Good Sleep Factor is a natural amino acid essential for the human body. It can conduct relaxation energy and make you sleep more energetically.In just five minutes, one pack of Nongchunxiang Sea Bass Essence a day can quickly replenish your vitality. How to heat seabass essence 1. Soak in water, put the whole package into hot boiling water and soak for about 15 minutes. 2. Heating in water: Put the whole package into water and heat for about 15 minutes. 3. Heat the electric pot, put the whole package into a porcelain bowl and add half a bowl of water in the electric pot.

[Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in the Love Month]

Q1. The love month can be used for continued conditioning in the post-confinement center. But after leaving the confinement center, why do we still need to continue conditioning during the confinement period?

  • According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it usually takes at least 30 days for the mother to recover well after confinement. However, due to various factors and restrictions, modern mothers stay in confinement centers for an average of 2 weeks, which is less than 1 month. In addition, after the middle of the month, you start to face all kinds of hardships in life, such as taking care of a newborn, lack of sleep, returning to the workplace, etc., and being unable to rest and eat well for a while will accelerate the aging of the body. Therefore, Love Confinement - delicious ready-to-drink Chinese herbal condiments can help modern mothers to conveniently and quickly replenish the energy they need when facing various challenges after the second trimester, so that they can sit fully during the confinement period. Full.

Q2. How should I use Aiyue for extended maintenance after mid-month?

  • After the middle of the month, please start using it from the second phase, which is the calmest. After use, continue using the third phase which is more nourishing and warm. If menstruation occurs during the second and third stages of use, stop using it first and switch to the first stage to regulate postpartum menstruation.
  • Note: If you are still expelling lochia, please do not use the second and third stages yet. Wait until the lochia has been eliminated from the body before starting to use it.

Q3. I plan to breastfeed. Will drinking love during the month have any effect on the milk the baby drinks?

  • Basically there will be no impact. But if you have any doubts, you can drink it after breastfeeding or expressing milk. If that doesn't work, try to feed him 2 hours after using the baby.

Q4. Can I use other Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and nutritional health products while using Aiyue Nei?

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Since the use of Chinese herbal medicines involves holistic treatment, it is not recommended to use other traditional Chinese medicines at the same time when using Aiyue Nei.
    • Western medicine: Basically, it can be used at intervals of more than 2 hours. If it is purely food nutrition and health care, such as chicken essence and bird's nest, and you can drink it directly after eating, there will be no conflict.
    • Others: For nutritional supplements such as vitamins, Q10, calcium, iron, lecithin, folic acid, etc., it is recommended to drink them one hour apart. If you have any concerns, please check with a professional physician.

    Q5. Is Love Moon suitable for any body type?

    • Pregnant women should not eat.
    • If the user has the following conditions, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking it: 1. Taking other drugs: including over-the-counter, over-the-counter, or indicated drugs without a prescription. 2. Suffering from other diseases: such as cardiovascular disease, uterine and ovarian related diseases, kidney disease, or any other health condition. 3. Allergy to any herbal medicine.

    [Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Bass Spirits]

    Q1. How to use seabass essence with Aiyue Nei products?

      The combination method of seabass essence is consistent with the three stages of Aiyue, achieving the most gradual conditioning.
      • Bass Essence: It has a neutral nature and is less likely to cause inflammation. It should be consumed in the first phase of the love month.

      Q2. When should I take Ai Yue Nei and Bass Essence?

        • It is recommended to drink seabass essence on an empty stomach in the morning. The absorption effect is best at this time, and you will be full of energy in the morning.
        • It is recommended to drink it in the morning and after lunch during the love month. You can choose to mix it with water or tear it open and drink it immediately. It is warm and fragrant.

        Q3. What is the difference between Aiyue Nei and Bass Essence? How to choose?

          • Aiyue contains Chinese herbal medicine, which can regulate functions and rosy complexion in many aspects; while the essence drops mainly supplement protein, help tissue repair and physical recovery, and the best effect is achieved when the two are used together.

          Q4. How to preserve bass essence?

            • This Nongchunxiang dripping essence can be stored at room temperature.

            Q5. Is dripping essence suitable for any body type?

            • Essence is a small molecule protein, which is a holy product that can be eaten to nourish health all year round. However, patients with kidney disease or those with special diseases or taking special medications are advised to consult their doctor before consuming it.
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