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天一愛 Tianyiai

[Aimei Berry] Cranberry Double Protection Probiotics 1 box (15 pieces/box)

[Aimei Berry] Cranberry Double Protection Probiotics 1 box (15 pieces/box)

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▲Private probiotics, 3 major patents, natural and additive-free ▲The highest content of proanthocyanidins on the market ▲Each packet contains patented private probiotics that are more than 2 times higher than the market concentration ▲Create a weak acid environment, keep the private clean, tender and refreshing, and resist bad bacteria Bacterial invasion ▲A box of 15 sachets, it is recommended to use 1-2 sachets daily ▲Adjust the private protection of miscarriage/postpartum/postmenstrual period to protect privacy and refreshment

Tianyi Ai [Aimei Berry] Cranberry Dual Protection Probiotics is used to adjust the dual protection during lochia, and protect the private dual health from the inside out. It is suitable for natural postpartum, drug, surgical abortion, and abortion. After, after induction of labor.Tianyi Ai [Aimei Berry] Cranberry Double Protection Probiotics, 1 pack of cranberry probiotics = 10oz natural cranberry juice, has six major features: 1. No. 1 in proanthocyanidin content 2. 90% Ultra-high concentration, more effective protection 3. 100% produced and imported from Canada 4. 100% using whole cranberry fruit 5. Allergen-free, Kosher certified 6. 37 times concentrated, retaining high activity.Yabai Biomedical Cranberry Probiotic Drink, the most effective way to maintain lochia

[FAQs and answers about cranberry probiotics]

Q1. How to consume the product?

  • It is recommended to use 1-2 sachets daily, before breakfast or before going to bed. After childbirth/surgery, it is recommended to take 2 sachets a day to strengthen maintenance. After two weeks, you can continue to eat 1 sachet a day as basic maintenance. It is recommended to supplement with more water and maintain a normal daily routine to strengthen protection!

Q2. Can I eat vegetarian food?

  • This product is lacto-vegetarian.

Q3. Can people with existing private or urinary tract conditions eat it?

  • For those who already have the condition, it is first recommended that you go to the clinic for diagnosis by a professional doctor, and follow the diagnosis provided by the doctor for treatment. [Aimei Berry] Cranberry Double Care Probiotics is a pure natural food, and can be used according to the recommendations.

Q4. Can it be consumed during menstruation?

  • Yes, infections are more likely to occur during menstruation, which will cause changes in the private environment and require better care. [Aimei Berry] Cranberry Double Care Probiotics is absolutely effective in taking care of your privacy.

Q5. Can it be consumed during pregnancy?

  • Yes, and the private environment changes during pregnancy, so you need to take better care of it. If you have special pregnancy conditions, please consult a professional doctor first.
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