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天一愛 Tianyiai

[Shunmei] Chinese herbal enzyme crystal jelly/helps metabolism (10 pieces/box)

[Shunmei] Chinese herbal enzyme crystal jelly/helps metabolism (10 pieces/box)

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・A box contains 10 sachets. It is recommended to take 1 sachet a day. To make bowel movements smoother, 2 sachets a day. ・Helps digestion and metabolism, making it easier and more beautiful. ・Exclusive 3-effect formula: patented VF136 enzyme, Kampo premium, lactulose・Gentle Conditions the body smoothly and improves the flora ecology in the body. ・Suitable for people with poor metabolism, irregular bowel movements, eaters and people who live under high pressure. ・Pocket crystal jelly, easy to carry, sweet and sour fruit flavor. ・Ingredients certified by SGS, no heavy metals, no plastic. Chemical agents and no pesticides detected

[Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Hanfang Enzyme Crystal Jelly]

Q1. How to consume Fushimei-Kampo Enzyme Jelly?

  • Adults take 1 pill a day; if you want to have smoother bowel movements, take 2 pills a day after meals. Do not eat more than 2 pieces a day. Please add about 500cc of water after consumption to help metabolism. Please chew the crystal jelly carefully and slowly to avoid choking.

Q2. How to store Fushimei-Kampo enzyme crystal jelly?

  • Store at room temperature, please store in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep out of reach of children. Please consume as soon as possible after opening. This product uses plant raw materials. If there is any color change, it is normal. Please feel free to consume it.

Q3. Can babies, children or people with diabetes or other diseases eat it?

  • Not for use by infants. This product may cause allergies in children, pregnant women, people with sensitive constitutions, or people with other special diseases. Please consult a medical professional before consumption.

Q4. What is the allergen information for this product?

  • Allergens: Contains milk, soybeans, celery, kiwi, gluten, mango and their products. People who cannot drink grapefruit juice should pay special attention.

Q5. Can vegetarians eat it?

  • This product is a phytochemical (milk-containing) product.

Q6. Does it taste like traditional Chinese medicine?

    • The taste is similar to grape-flavored vegetable jelly, and it doesn’t taste like Chinese medicine at all.
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