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Tianyiai Privacy Policy

Privacy statement:

This official shopping website ( is operated by the Taiwan branch of Hong Kong Tianyi Ai Herb Technology Co., Ltd.; in order to maintain personal privacy and support personal data protection, this official shopping website would like to explain to you the following statement The purpose, category, scope and method of use of personal data collected by this shopping official website, as well as the rights you can exercise; If you have any questions about the privacy statement of this shopping official website, the following related notices, or related matters related to the protection of personal data If you have any questions, you can contact the customer service center of this shopping official website, and this shopping official website will reply as soon as possible.

Scope of application:

This Shopping Official Website Privacy Statement and the notices contained therein only apply to websites owned and operated by this Shopping Official Website. This official shopping website may contain many links, or products or services provided by other partners and individual stores. Regarding the privacy statements and personal data of these linked websites, partner websites or online stores of individual stores, For protection-related notices, please refer to each linked website, partner website or online store of an individual store.

Purpose and categories of personal data collection:

This official shopping website is for the purpose of providing e-commerce services, after-sales services, fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, protecting the rights and interests of parties and relevant stakeholders, marketing, customer management and services, and operating businesses that are in compliance with business registration items or articles of association. , depending on the nature of each service, your name, contact information (including but not limited to phone number, email and address, etc.), information required to complete collection or payment, IP address, and others may be collected. Personal data that can directly or indirectly identify the user. In addition, in order to improve service quality, this official shopping website will record the user’s IP address and browsing activities on the relevant websites or APPs of this official shopping website (including but not limited to the software used by the user) according to the nature of the services provided. Hardware, clicked web pages, downloaded APP) and other information, and these information are only used for traffic analysis and network behavior investigation to improve the service quality of the relevant websites or APPs of this official shopping website, and will not be linked to specific individuals. Tie.

Usage of personal data:

The personal information, consumption and transaction information collected by this official shopping website that is sufficient to identify the user, or other personal information provided with your consent in the future, will only be processed and used internally by this official shopping website in accordance with the purpose of collection. , or it is necessary to provide services or perform contractual obligations, or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or orders or requirements of competent authorities (including but not limited to courts or Taiwan Clearing House), otherwise this shopping official website will not be able to identify users Provide the personal information of the identity of the user to a third party (including domestic and overseas), or transfer it for use other than the purpose of collection. This official shopping website will continue to store, process and use relevant information. Within the scope of the above collection purposes, this store will provide the collected personal information to partner vendors (including but not limited to Tianyiai, home delivery freight operators or others who provide this service) to assist in the completion or termination of the transaction. If you choose to pay by credit card, it can only be used by the credit card holder himself, and the transaction information must be notified to the issuing bank, acquiring bank and card holder to confirm whether it is true. The payment process will be completed only after verification. Personal information obtained based on the above collection purposes may be transferred to places outside your country or region for storage or processing, and your information will only be transferred overseas in compliance with personal data protection laws.

Data security:

This official shopping website will use reasonable technologies and procedures that are in line with industry standards to maintain the security of personal information on this official shopping website. Please note that your mobile phone number is the core authentication information associated with your membership status. If you lose your mobile phone, change your mobile phone number, or change the ownership of your mobile phone number, please be sure to contact this official shopping website to further complete the necessary changes to your personal information. Ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information and transaction data; if you fail to request the above information change, you must bear all the damages that may occur.

Data subject rights:

Data subjects may request inquiries, access to their personal data or request a copy. If your personal information changes or you find that your personal information is incorrect, you can request modification or correction to this official shopping website; if the information you provide is incorrect or missing, it will not be protected by this privacy statement. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappears or the period expires, you may request to delete, stop processing or using the personal data. However, this does not apply to those necessary for the official website to perform its duties or business.

Policy on sharing personal information with third parties:

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public agencies, except where there is a legal basis or contractual obligation.

The situations subject to the proviso in the preceding paragraph include, but are not limited to:

1. With your written consent.

2. It is expressly stipulated in the law.

3. To avoid danger to your life, body, liberty or property.

4. Cooperation with public agencies or academic research institutions is necessary for statistical or academic research based on public interests, and the data has been processed by the provider or the collector cannot identify the specific party based on the way it is disclosed.

5. When your behavior on the website violates the terms of service or may damage or hinder the rights of the website and other users or cause harm to anyone, the website management unit will analyze and disclose your personal information for the purpose of identifying, contacting or taking legal action. necessary for action.

6. Benefit your rights and interests.

7. When this website entrusts vendors to assist in collecting, processing or using your personal information, it will fully supervise and manage the outsourced vendors or individuals.


For the convenience of users, this shopping official website may read the cookie information stored in the user's computer. Users can cancel or limit this function through browser settings, but may not be able to use some website functions as a result. If you want to know how to cancel or limit this function, please contact the customer service center of this shopping official website.

Google Analytics advertising features:

This service has the Google Analytics Advertising Feature installed. This function is only used to analyze the advertising effectiveness and optimize the usage process of this shopping official website. If you want to deactivate the Google Analytics advertising function, it is recommended that you refer to the method provided by Google to deactivate the information without disclosing information.


If you are unwilling to provide relevant personal information required by various services or transactions to this official shopping website, you agree that this official shopping website will collect relevant personal information in accordance with legal provisions, this privacy statement and its related notices. , processing, utilization and international transmission, this shopping official website will respect your decision, but according to the nature or conditions of each service, you may not be able to use such services or complete related transactions. This shopping official website also reserves the right to agree to provide such services. related services or the right to complete related transactions.

Right to amend:

This shopping official website has the right to revise this privacy statement and related notices at any time, and may publish the revision on this shopping official website without prior individual notification. You can read the revised privacy statement in detail on this shopping official website at any time. and related notification matters.