Suggestions for conditioning after medical abortion

Suggestions for conditioning after medical abortion:

Although the embryonic period of medical abortion is small, the conditioning should not be ignored. The common drug for medical abortion, RU486, contains anti-progestin, which is an input External hormones affecting the embryo will still cause a burden on the body , and doctors will also prescribe other drugs to help the uterus contract and expel embryos and lochia.

Therefore, conditioning experts recommend using Ai Xiaoyue's 30-day comprehensive conditioning, through the principle of conditioning first, then replenishing, provides gentle nourishment to physiological functions step by step. . In addition, because hormonal drugs may affect the secretions of the private parts and their healthy balance, at this time Suitable for use with cranberry probiotics to maintain a balanced flora in private areas and avoid unnecessary trouble caused by the overgrowth of bad bacteria. .

The following are the most suitable options for medical abortion patients: